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Timeshare Distribution Across The United States: An In-Depth Analysis

Uncover the U.S. timeshare distribution, explore its economic influence, and learn about smooth timeshare exits with Xtimeshares.com

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Timeshare Distribution Across The United States: An Overview

The United States presents a landscape rich with timeshare properties, spanning from coast to coast. The distribution of timeshare properties across the United States is extensive, encompassing nearly all states except Alaska, Kansas, Nebraska, and North Dakota.

The state of Florida, known for its world-class theme parks and sun-kissed beaches, holds the crown with 24% of all U.S. timeshares. Following close behind are California (8%), South Carolina (7%), Hawaii (6%), and Nevada (4%). Collectively, these top five states account for nearly half of the timeshare distribution across the United States.

US Timeshare Distrobution
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Factors Influencing Timeshare Distribution in the United States

Several factors influence the timeshare distribution across the US, creating diverse and appealing vacation experiences:

  • Beach: Comprising 32% of the timeshare distribution, beach resorts in locations like Florida and South Carolina are in high demand.
  • Country/Lakes: Resorts offering outdoor activities in rural settings account for 15% of the total timeshares.
  • Ski: These resorts, making up 11%, attract skiing enthusiasts with locations like Park City and Breckenridge.
  • Island: Islands like Hawaii, the Florida Keys, and Hilton Head comprise 7% of U.S. timeshares.
  • Golf: At 6%, resorts like Holiday Inn Orange Lake offer excellent golfing opportunities.
  • Theme Park: These resorts, making up 6% of timeshares, provide proximity to thrilling theme parks in Orlando, Anaheim, and Branson.
  • Urban: Urban timeshares, comprising 4%, offer city experiences in San Francisco, New York, and other metropolitan areas.
  • Mountains: These resorts, at 3%, are situated in areas like the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia and New Hampshire's South Mountain.

This wide-ranging timeshare distribution across the US reflects the industry's broad appeal, accommodating a variety of vacation preferences.

Economic Impact of Timeshare Distribution in the United States

Timeshares do more than fulfill vacation dreams; they are a significant contributor to local economies. High occupancy rates and per-visitor spending, exceeding those of standard hotels, make timeshares a valuable component of the tourism industry.

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