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Do you rarely get a chance to use your timeshare due to lack of availability? Are you sick and tired of dealing with the rising cost of maintenance? Perhaps visits to the same sunny destination seemed like a dream come true in the beginning.

Then reality set in and now you yearn for the freedom to see other places..You're not the only one who wants out for those reasons, and we're here to help you make that goal a reality.

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There are a lot of scammy companies making false claims. We’re not one of them! See what satisfied clients are saying on Google and the Better Business Bureau about

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"Don’t consider going anywhere else! All the legal documentation was prepared for us and the process was super simple to get out from under our nightmare timeshare."


xtimeshares testimonial xtimeshares stars

"A friendly agent gathered our information in a half hour, qualified us and gave us three options. We legally ended our timeshare quicker and less painful than we ever imagined."


xtimeshares testimonial xtimeshares stars

"Della and I were both losing sleep over our ever increasing maintenance payments. We’re so grateful we found you guys and now have a sense of calm back in our lives."


85% Of All Timeshare Buyers
Regret their timeshare purchase citing reasons like money, fear, confusion, intimidation, and distrust. It's time to end your regret.

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Got Questions?

We've got some answers for you!

What is the best rated timeshare exit company?

XTimeshare is a reputable company for getting rid of annoying timeshares. We have thousands of satisfied customers, and you could be the next. If you need our assistance with an exit check your eligibility by scrolling to the top of the page and entering your details.

What If I stop paying timeshare maintenance Fees?

If you stop paying your timeshare maintenance fees, you may face financial implications, legal consequences, and credit score damage. To avoid these negative outcomes, it's crucial to explore the expert timeshare exit services provided by XTimeshares Their professional team offers tailored strategies to help you navigate the complex process of timeshare exit, minimize the impact on your financial wellbeing, and prevent potential foreclosure or collection agency involvement.

By addressing the challenges of timeshare ownership and maintenance fee payments,'s services ensure a smooth and efficient resolution, protecting your legal standing and credit score. Discover more insights and valuable information in the comprehensive article here.

Does Help With Timeshare Resale? specializes not in timeshare resale, but in providing support for clients looking to exit their undesired timeshare commitments. It's well-known that timeshares seldom translate into lucrative real estate ventures. In fact, the timeshare resale market can be particularly challenging as owners often struggle to resell their timeshares, even at drastically reduced prices. This struggle is evident in the countless timeshare listings on platforms such as eBay, where many are available for just $1, demonstrating the diminished demand and the barriers encountered by owners in the timeshare resale landscape.

Furthermore, the high occurrence of fraudulent practices and scams by certain timeshare listing companies adds to the complexity of the resale process. In light of these difficulties, our adept team at focuses on helping clients understand the legal aspects of ending their timeshare contracts. By specializing in exit and cancellation strategies, we provide a meaningful alternative for those seeking relief from their timeshare responsibilities, thereby avoiding the pitfalls and potential scams rife in the unstable timeshare resale market. Our method empowers owners to make knowledgeable choices about their timeshares.

Can XTimeshares help me find a timeshare exit lawyer?

Yes, XTimeshares can certainly connect you with experienced timeshare exit lawyers who specialize in helping clients break free from unwanted timeshare contracts. Our network of legal professionals is comprised of the most experienced timeshare attorneys in the industry.

They have a deep understanding of timeshare law, exit strategies, and a proven track record of success in negotiating timeshare cancellations and settlements. By choosing XTimeshares for your timeshare exit needs, you gain access to our knowledgeable legal team who will work diligently to evaluate your situation, provide expert guidance, and offer a customized solution to successfully cancel your timeshare obligation.

Trust our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction in helping you regain your financial freedom from burdensome timeshare contracts.

How long does it take to exit my timeshare?

The duration of the timeshare exit process can vary depending on your specific timeshare contract, the resort or management company involved, and the complexity of your case. At XTimeshares, our experienced attorneys work diligently to help you exit your timeshare as quickly and efficiently as possible, with the added assurance of a 100% money-back guarantee.On average, our timeshare exit process can take anywhere from 3 to 12 months.

However, some cases may be resolved more quickly, while others might require additional time. Our team of expert timeshare lawyers is committed to providing you with personalized service and effective strategies tailored to your unique situation, ensuring the best possible outcome for your timeshare exit.With XTimeshares, you're in capable hands, and we'll work tirelessly to help you regain your financial freedom and achieve a successful timeshare cancellation. Trust in our expertise and our commitment to customer satisfaction, backed by our 100% money-back guarantee.

Can a timeshare lawyer help me if I have already tried to exit my timeshare without success?

Absolutely, XTimeshares lawyers can help you even if you've already attempted to exit your timeshare without success. Our team of experienced timeshare exit attorneys is well-versed in handling complex cases and overcoming obstacles that may have hindered your previous efforts.

With a deep understanding of timeshare laws and exit strategies, our expert attorneys will evaluate your situation, identify any unique challenges, and develop a customized plan to successfully cancel your timeshare obligation. We are dedicated to providing personalized service and guidance throughout the process, ensuring the best possible outcome for your timeshare exit.

Don't let previous setbacks discourage you. Trust XTimeshares to connect you with skilled legal professionals who can help you regain your financial freedom and achieve the successful cancellation of your timeshare contract.

Timeshare cancellation and rescission period explained

It is indeed possible to cancel your timeshare contract during the rescission period. The rescission period, also known as the "cooling-off" period, is a legally mandated timeframe during which you can change your mind and cancel your timeshare purchase without penalty. This period typically lasts between 3 to 10 days, depending on the state or country where the timeshare was purchased.

To cancel your timeshare contract during the rescission period, you'll need to follow the specific cancellation procedures outlined in your contract. This usually involves submitting a written cancellation notice to the timeshare company within the designated timeframe. It's important to act promptly and follow the guidelines to ensure a smooth cancellation process.

If you're unsure about how to proceed or need assistance navigating the cancellation process during the rescission period, XTimeshares can connect you with experienced timeshare attorneys who can provide expert guidance and support to help you successfully cancel your timeshare contract.

How do I get out of a timeshare?

Exiting a timeshare can be complex, but with expert guidance, it's achievable. Follow these steps: Review your contract to understand terms, conditions, and cancellation procedures.Determine the rescission period and follow the cancellation procedures if applicable.

Consult XTimeshares for experienced timeshare exit attorneys.Develop a strategy with our expert lawyers to cancel your timeshare contract. Let our professionals handle negotiations with the resort or management company. Stay informed as our attorneys work to achieve a successful timeshare exit. XTimeshares offers personalized support and expert guidance, helping you navigate timeshare cancellation complexities. We're confident in our services, providing a 100% money-back guarantee and offering free consultations to assess your situation and explore your options. Trust XTimeshares to help you regain financial freedom.

What sets Xtimeshares apart from other get out of timeshare companies?

XTimeshares sets itself apart from other timeshare exit companies through its unparalleled expertise, exceptional customer satisfaction, and proven track record. With thousands of successful timeshare exits under our belt, our experienced attorneys have helped clients break free from unwanted timeshare contracts confidently.

Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our 315+ 5-star BBB reviews and well over 100 Google 5-star reviews, showcasing our commitment to providing personalized service and expert guidance. We stand by the quality of our work, offering a 100% money-back guarantee to ensure your peace of mind.Choose XTimeshares for unmatched expertise, results-driven strategies, and an unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, making us the premier choice for timeshare exit services.

How do you cancel a timeshare?

Cancelling a timeshare with XTimeshares is a straightforward process, thanks to our experienced timeshare exit attorneys and results-driven strategies. Here's how it works:

Free Consultation: Contact XTimeshares to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. Our experts will assess your situation and discuss your options.

Engage Our Services: If you decide to move forward, our experienced attorneys will review your timeshare contract, identify possible exit strategies, and create a customized plan to cancel your timeshare.

Negotiations: Our legal professionals handle communications and negotiations with the resort or management company on your behalf, working towards a successful resolution.

Timeshare Exit:
Once an agreement is reached, your timeshare contract will be cancelled, freeing you from future obligations and financial burdens. With XTimeshares, you can trust our network of experienced timeshare attorneys to provide personalized support and expert guidance throughout the process, backed by our 100% money-back guarantee. Let us help you regain your financial freedom.

How can I do a vacation club cancellation?

If you're looking to cancel your vacation club membership, XTimeshares is the perfect partner to guide you through the process. Our experienced timeshare cancellation attorneys have successfully completed thousands of timeshare exits, including vacation club cancellations.With a solid reputation backed by 315+ Five-star BBB reviews, well over 100 Google 5-star reviews, and a 100% money-back guarantee, XTimeshares is the go-to timeshare cancellation company you can trust.

Our team will assess your specific situation, develop a tailored exit strategy, and handle negotiations with the vacation club on your behalf. Choose XTimeshares for expert guidance, personalized support, and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. Let us help you regain your financial freedom and achieve a successful vacation club cancellation.

What are the Mexican timeshare laws?

At XTimeshares, we have successfully worked with all of the following Mexican timeshare resorts to cancel their timeshare contracts for our clients: Villa del Palmar Cancun, Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit, The Villa Group Resorts, Mayan Palace, Vidanta Resorts, Fiesta Americana Vacation Club, Club Regina, Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa, Royal Resorts, Club Solaris, Pueblo Bonito Resorts, Paradise Village Beach Resort & Spa, Bel Air Collection Resort & Spa, Club Intrawest, Hacienda Tres Rios, El Cid Vacations Club, Club Velas Vallarta, Sandos Resorts, Grand Bliss Nuevo Vallarta, and Dreams Resorts & Spas.

It's worth noting that the cost of cancelling a timeshare contract can vary depending on factors such as your specific timeshare agreement, the complexity of your case, and the resort or management company involved. At XTimeshares, we understand that each situation is unique, and we tailor our services to meet your needs. As a premier timeshare cancellation company, we are dedicated to helping our clients find the best possible solution for their timeshare cancellation needs.

How Much Does It Cost To Cancel a timeshare contract?

The cost of cancelling a timeshare contract can vary depending on factors such as your specific timeshare agreement, the complexity of your case, and the resort or management company involved. At XTimeshares, a premier timeshare cancellation company, we understand that each situation is unique, and we tailor our services accordingly to meet your needs.

To provide you with an accurate estimate of the cost to cancel your timeshare contract, we recommend scheduling a free, no-obligation consultation with our experienced timeshare exit attorneys. They will assess your circumstances, discuss your options, and offer a transparent pricing structure based on your individual case.Trust XTimeshares to guide you through the process, providing expert assistance and personalized support at competitive rates, ensuring a successful timeshare cancellation.

Why Is It Hard To Cancel A Timeshare?

Cancelling a timeshare can be challenging due to the complexity of timeshare contracts, legal regulations, and the tactics employed by timeshare companies to discourage cancellations. These contracts often contain clauses designed to protect the resort or management company, making it difficult for owners to exit without expert guidance. XTimeshares is a trusted timeshare cancellation company with the experience and knowledge needed to navigate these complexities.

Our skilled attorneys understand the intricacies of timeshare law and have developed effective strategies to counter the challenges posed by timeshare companies. With XTimeshares, you'll receive personalized support and expert guidance throughout the cancellation process. Trust our team to help you overcome the obstacles and achieve a successful timeshare cancellation, regaining your financial freedom.

How Do I Write A Cancellation Letter?

Writing a cancellation letter for your timeshare can be a crucial step in the exit process. At XTimeshares, we understand the importance of drafting an effective cancellation letter and are here to help you with this task.Our experienced timeshare cancellation attorneys will guide you through the process, ensuring that your letter contains all the necessary information, including your name, contact details, timeshare details, and a clear request for cancellation.

By choosing XTimeshares, you'll receive personalized support and expert assistance in crafting a well-structured cancellation letter tailored to your specific situation. Trust our team to guide you through this critical step, ensuring a strong foundation for your timeshare exit process and increasing your chances of a successful cancellation.

Can I Cancel A Timeshare With A Mortgage?

Yes, XTimeshares specializes in canceling timeshares with a mortgage balance. Our experienced timeshare exit attorneys have successfully handled cases involving mortgage cancellations and can provide expert guidance on the best course of action for your specific situation.

During a free consultation, we will assess your case, discuss your options, and develop a customized strategy to address your timeshare mortgage concerns and work towards a successful exit. Remember we have a 100% money-back guarantee. If we can not cancel it you don't pay.

What US Timeshare Companies Have You Had Success Exiting?

Some of the companies that we have successfully helped people exit from: Marriott Vacation Club, Hilton Grand Vacations, Disney Vacation Club, Wyndham Destinations, Diamond Resorts International, Bluegreen Corporation, Holiday Inn Club Vacations, Hyatt Residence Club, Vistana Signature Experiences (formerly Starwood Vacation Ownership), Shell Vacation Club, Anantara Vacation Club, El Cid Vacation Club, Vida Vacations, Royal Resorts, Raintree Vacation Club, Royal Aloha Vacation Club, Vacation Internationale, Multi Resort Ownership Plan, Landex Resorts International, IncGlobal Exchange Vacation Club.


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