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Three Timeshare Exit Scams: Exposed by reveals the truth about timeshare exit scams, highlighting deceptive practices and offering guidance for wary timeshare owners

Disclaimer:  Before you talk to any attorney or exit company regarding a timeshare exit, your first step is to contact your resort directly to see if they have an exit program that fits your needs.

The timeshare industry, often painted with promises of dream vacations, has a darker side. Many owners, eager for an exit, find themselves ensnared by companies that don't just fail to assist but actively exploit their desperation. is shining a light on these timeshare exit scams, highlighting three particularly concerning practices that consumers should be wary of.

1. The Snare of High-Interest Subprime Loans:

One of the most prevalent timeshare scams is the lure of easy exit solutions, only to trap owners with high-interest subprime loans to cover the exit fees. This tactic not only compounds the financial strain on consumers but also ensnares them in a debilitating cycle of debt, making the promise of freedom from their timeshare an even more distant dream.

2. The Mirage of 100% Money-Back Guarantees

A 100% money-back guarantee might sound like a beacon of hope, but it's a hallmark of timeshare exit scams when not backed by genuine consumer protections. Some exit companies craft contracts that make claiming refunds a near-impossible task, using this bait-and-switch tactic to leave many owners feeling cheated and disillusioned.

3. The Deception of Unrelated Third-Party Add-Ons: A Subtle Timeshare Exit Scam

In a more insidious twist within the realm of timeshare exit scams, some companies attempt to bundle unrelated third-party products, such as credit monitoring and credit protection services. Masquerading these add-ons as "benefits," they're nothing more than junk fees designed to justify high-interest loans. These services, often of little to no real value, further burden the consumer with unnecessary monthly bills.

Timeshare Exit Scams

The Pledge Against Timeshare Exit Scams

At, our commitment is unwavering: to offer transparency, genuine service, and integrity. We stand firmly against the unethical tactics that plague our industry.

Beware of Slimy Sales Tactics

If a salesperson tries to push you into a high-interest loan, add unrelated services, or fail to offer a concrete money-back guarantee in their contract, it's a red flag. Protect your peace of mind and steer clear of these timeshare exit scams.

In Conclusion: Timeshare Cancellation

Navigating the complexities of exiting a timeshare contract demands caution and informed decision-making. encourages all timeshare owners to be vigilant, conduct thorough research, and partner with companies that genuinely prioritize their well-being and interests.


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