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Common Complaints About Timeshares: The Unvarnished Truth

Unmask the reality behind common complaints about timeshares, spotlighting deceptive sales tactics and poor resale value

Disclaimer:  Before you talk to any attorney or exit company regarding a timeshare exit, your first step is to contact your resort directly to see if they have an exit program that fits your needs.


Timeshares have been a go-to choice for many holidaymakers seeking a slice of paradise they can call their own. Yet, beneath the allure of glossy brochures and persuasive sales pitches, a more intricate reality lurks. This article aims to illuminate the common complaints about timeshares, offering a balanced perspective of the timeshare industry and equipping potential buyers with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Mis-Selling: Unraveling the Web of Broken Promises

The Glittering Facade of Sales Presentations

Timeshare presentations are often a spectacle of grandeur. Sales representatives, equipped with vibrant brochures and enticing promises, conjure an image of idyllic vacations and lifelong memories. However, Mis-Selling during these presentations emerges as one of the most common complaints about timeshares.

The Echo of Unfulfilled Promises

Buyers often report being promised certain benefits or features that were not delivered. For instance, they may have been assured of availability during peak seasons, only to discover later these periods are blacked out. Or they may have been told that their timeshare would appreciate, only to find that this is far from the truth.

The Aftermath of Mis-Selling

The repercussions of mis-selling can be substantial. Buyers may find themselves locked into contracts that do not deliver the promised benefits. This can lead to feelings of frustration and betrayal and, in some cases, financial hardship.

Difficulty Getting Out: Navigating the Timeshare Maze

The Intricate Labyrinth of Timeshare Contracts

Exiting a timeshare contract can often feel like navigating a labyrinth. Many timeshare owners face challenges when trying to exit their agreements, often due to the complex and lengthy process involved.

The Timeshare Quagmire

The difficulty in exiting timeshare contracts can leave owners feeling ensnared. They may find themselves bound to escalating maintenance fees and stringent usage rules, with no easy way out. This can lead to a sense of helplessness and regret.

Deceptive Sales Tactics: The Shadowy Underbelly of Timeshare Sales

The Pressure Cooker of Sales Pitches

Timeshare companies have been criticized for using aggressive and deceptive sales tactics. High-pressure sales pitches are common, with potential buyers often subjected to lengthy presentations and intense persuasion tactics.

The Illusion of False Promises: A Common Complaint About Timeshares

Beyond high-pressure sales tactics, another common complaint about timeshares is the propensity of timeshare companies to make false promises and provide misleading information. This can manifest in various ways, from an exaggerated portrayal of the advantages of timeshare ownership to a significant downplaying of the costs and commitments involved. Real Estate Complications: The Legal Minefield

The Fog of Unclear Contract Stipulations

Timeshare ownership can come with legal and real estate complications. One such issue is unclear contract stipulations. Timeshare contracts can be dense and confusing, with essential details often buried in the fine print.

The Battlefield of Property Rights Disputes

Disputes over property rights can also arise. For instance, timeshare owners may conflict with the resort developer over property maintenance and usage rights.

The Hurdles in Transferring or Selling the Timeshare

Transferring or selling a timeshare can be a daunting task. The process is often complicated and time-consuming, with many potential buyers wary of taking on the commitments of a timeshare.

Lack of Resale Value: The Mirage of Investment

common complaints about timeshares
Sinking Timeshare Values

The Flooded Timeshare Market

Timeshares are often marketed as investments, but many owners find it difficult to sell their timeshares or recoup their initial investment. One reason for this is the oversaturation of the timeshare market. With so many timeshares available, demand for resale properties is limited.

The Drought of Demand for Resale Properties

The limited demand for resale properties is further exacerbated by the practices of some timeshare companies. Some companies actively discourage resale, either by making the process difficult or by offering new timeshares at lower prices than resale properties.


1. What does Mis-Selling in timeshares entail?

Mis-selling in timeshares refers to the practice of making false or misleading representations about the benefits and features of a timeshare during the sales process. This can include promises about availability, costs, and potential returns on investment.

2. Why is it challenging to exit a timeshare contract?

Exiting a timeshare contract can be challenging due to the complex and binding nature of these agreements. Timeshare contracts often include stringent conditions and penalties for early termination, making it difficult for owners to exit their contracts.

3. What deceptive sales tactics are used by timeshare companies?

Deceptive sales tactics used by timeshare companies can include high-pressure sales pitches, false promises about the benefits of timeshare ownership, and misleading information about costs and commitments.

4. What real estate complications are associated with timeshares?

Real estate complications associated with timeshares can include unclear contract stipulations, disputes over property rights, and difficulties in transferring or selling the timeshare.

5. Why do timeshares lack resale value?

Timeshares often lack resale value due to the oversaturation of the timeshare market and the limited demand for resale properties. Additionally, some timeshare companies discourage resale, making it even more difficult for owners to recoup their initial investment.

6. What can I do if I believe I've been a victim of mis-selling or deceptive sales tactics?

If you believe you've been a victim of mis-selling or deceptive sales tactics, it's crucial to seek legal advice. Consumer protection laws are in place, and you may be able to take action against the timeshare company.


While timeshares can offer a unique vacation experience, it's clear that potential buyers need to tread carefully. From Mis-Selling and deceptive sales tactics to real estate complications and a lack of resale value, there are many pitfalls to be aware of. By understanding these common complaints about timeshares, you can make an informed decision and avoid potential regrets down the line.

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