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Exit Your Timeshare And Stop Paying Costly Maintenance Fees

Do you seldom have the opportunity to utilize your timeshare because of availability issues? Are you fed up with the escalating maintenance fees? Maybe frequenting the same sunny location appeared ideal at first, but now you crave the liberty to explore other places.

You're not alone in wanting to exit your timeshare for these reasons, and we're here to assist you in accomplishing any objective!

Prevent a costly estate inheritance, end sleepless nights!

Eliminate the Dread of Your Children Inheriting a Costly Timeshare.

Regain Your Freedom to Travel

Get Back To Exploring Desirable Destinations

Discover How We Can Rescue You from Your Timeshare Dilemma with a Rapid Evaluation.

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Real Savings.

There are a lot of scammy companies making false claims about their ability to help you exit a timeshare. We’re not one of them! But don’t just take our word for it. See what our relieved clients are saying.

xtimeshares testimonial xtimeshares stars

"Don’t consider going anywhere else! All the legal documentation was prepared for us and the process was super simple to get out from under our nightmare timeshare."


xtimeshares testimonial xtimeshares stars

"A friendly agent gathered our information in a half hour, qualified us and gave us three options. We legally ended our timeshare quicker and less painful than we ever imagined."


xtimeshares testimonial xtimeshares stars

"Della and I were both losing sleep over our ever increasing maintenance payments. We’re so grateful we found you guys and now have a sense of calm back in our lives."


A whopping 85% of timeshare buyers regret their purchase due to money, fear, confusion, intimidation, and distrust. It's time to put an end to your remorse.

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Got Questions?

We've got some answers for you!

What is the best rated timeshare exit company?

At XTimeshares, we pride ourselves on being a trusted name in the timeshare exit industry. Our legacy is built on hundreds of happy customers who've successfully navigated their way out of timeshare obligations. Ready to join their ranks? Your journey to timeshare liberation begins by checking your eligibility. Simply scroll to the webpage's top and fill in your details.

What If I stop paying timeshare maintenance Fees?

Halting your timeshare maintenance fee payments can lead to a host of challenges including financial burdens, legal issues, and detrimental effects on your credit score. Rather than risking these adverse effects, consider leveraging the specialized timeshare exit services offered by XTimeshares. Our team of professionals provides customized solutions to guide you through the intricate timeshare exit journey, aiming to safeguard your financial health and ward off potential foreclosure or collections involvement.

By tackling the complexities of timeshare ownership and the associated maintenance fees, XTimeshares.com assures a seamless and efficient process that protects your legal and credit position. For a deeper dive into this topic, peruse our detailed article here.

Does XTimeshares.com Assist in Timeshare Resale?

At XTimeshares.com, our primary area of expertise isn't centered on timeshare resale. Instead, we're dedicated to helping our clients who wish to exit their unwanted timeshare agreements. Timeshares often present challenging real estate opportunities, and the timeshare resale market can be notably difficult to navigate. Many owners find themselves unable to resell their timeshares, even when the prices are dramatically cut. This fact is clearly exhibited by the numerous timeshare offerings on platforms like eBay, with a multitude of listings available for just $1. This highlights the reduced interest and difficulties owners encounter in the timeshare resale sector.

Further complicating the situation are the misleading practices and potential scams presented by some timeshare listing companies. Given these factors, our experienced team at XTimeshares.com is committed to guiding clients through the legal intricacies of dissolving their timeshare contracts. By honing our focus on exit strategies and contract cancellation, we furnish a viable alternative for those desiring to extricate themselves from their timeshare obligations. This strategy effectively bypasses the uncertainty and potential deception within the tumultuous timeshare resale environment. Our approach empowers timeshare owners to make educated decisions regarding their property interests.

Can XTimeshares help me find a timeshare exit lawyer?

Absolutely, XTimeshares can indeed put you in touch with seasoned timeshare exit attorneys dedicated to aiding clients in liberating themselves from unwanted timeshare agreements. Our community of legal experts is made up of the industry's most accomplished timeshare lawyers. They possess an in-depth comprehension of timeshare legislation, exit methodologies, and a consistent record of accomplishments in negotiating timeshare cancellations and settlements.

By opting for XTimeshares for your timeshare exit requirements, you gain the benefit of our erudite legal team's insight. They will tirelessly assess your case, furnish expert advice, and devise a tailor-made strategy to successfully terminate your timeshare commitment.

Rely on our proficiency and commitment to customer satisfaction to help you reclaim your financial independence from onerous timeshare agreements.

How long does it take to exit my timeshare?

The timeshare exit process's duration can fluctuate depending on the specifics of your timeshare contract, the involved resort or managing company, and your case's intricacies. At XTimeshares, our skilled attorneys strive to expedite your timeshare exit process, ensuring swift and efficient service complemented by a 100% money-back guarantee.

Typically, our timeshare exit process ranges from 3 to 12 months. Yet, certain cases may see quicker resolution, while others may demand additional time. Our team of specialist timeshare attorneys is dedicated to offering personalized service and effective strategies tailored to your unique circumstances, assuring an optimal outcome for your timeshare exit.

With XTimeshares, rest assured you're in competent hands, and we'll work relentlessly to help you regain your financial autonomy and achieve successful timeshare cancellation. Trust in our proficiency and our devotion to customer satisfaction, reinforced by our 100% money-back guarantee.

Can a timeshare lawyer help me if I have already tried to exit my timeshare without success?

Certainly, the lawyers at XTimeshares can extend their assistance even if your previous efforts to exit your timeshare did not prove fruitful. Our cadre of adept timeshare exit attorneys is proficient in tackling intricate cases and navigating past hurdles that might have thwarted your earlier endeavors.

Furnished with a profound knowledge of timeshare laws and exit tactics, our specialist attorneys will scrutinize your case, pinpoint any unique challenges, and devise a personalized strategy to effectively terminate your timeshare commitment. We pledge to deliver tailored service and counsel throughout the process, promising the most favorable outcome for your timeshare exit.

Do not allow past disappointments to deter you. Trust in XTimeshares to pair you with skilled legal professionals who can help you reclaim your financial autonomy and achieve successful timeshare contract cancellation.

Timeshare cancellation and rescission period explained

It's entirely feasible to revoke your timeshare contract during the rescission period. This period, also termed the "cooling-off" period, is a legal provision that permits you to reconsider and withdraw your timeshare acquisition without any penalties. The duration of this period generally varies from 3 to 10 days, contingent upon the state or country where the timeshare was purchased.

To terminate your timeshare contract within the rescission period, you must adhere to the particular cancellation procedures outlined in your agreement. Typically, this necessitates submitting a written cancellation notice to the timeshare company within the stipulated period. It's crucial to act swiftly and abide by the guidelines to ensure a trouble-free cancellation process.

If you're uncertain about how to navigate or require assistance during the rescission period, XTimeshares can link you with seasoned timeshare attorneys. They can provide expert direction and support to help you effectively cancel your timeshare contract.

How do I get out of a timeshare?

While navigating out of a timeshare might seem intricate, it becomes attainable with professional guidance. Here are the steps to follow: Start by examining your contract thoroughly, understanding its terms, conditions, and cancellation protocols. Identify the rescission period and adhere to the cancellation procedures if within this timeframe. Reach out to XTimeshares for a consultation with seasoned timeshare exit attorneys. Collaborate with our expert lawyers to formulate a strategy for cancelling your timeshare contract.

Leave the negotiation process with the resort or managing company in the hands of our professionals. Stay updated as our attorneys strive to secure a successful timeshare exit. At XTimeshares, we offer personalized assistance and expert counsel, helping you circumvent the complexities of timeshare cancellation.

We stand behind our services, offering a 100% money-back guarantee and providing complimentary consultations to evaluate your case and explore potential solutions. Depend on XTimeshares to aid you in reclaiming your financial independence.

What sets Xtimeshares apart from other get out of timeshare companies?

XTimeshares distinguishes itself from other timeshare exit companies through its unmatched industry acumen, extraordinary customer satisfaction, and proven success rate. With thousands of triumphant timeshare exits to our name, our adept attorneys have confidently assisted clients in liberating themselves from unwelcome timeshare contracts.

Our commitment to excellence is mirrored in our 315+ 5-star Better Business Bureau reviews and over 100 Google 5-star reviews, demonstrating our dedication to offering tailored service and expert counsel. We back the caliber of our work by providing a 100% money-back guarantee, instilling peace of mind in our clients. Opt for XTimeshares for peerless expertise, results-oriented strategies, and a steadfast commitment to client satisfaction, positioning us as the top choice for timeshare exit services.

How do you cancel a timeshare?

Cancelling a timeshare with XTimeshares is a straightforward process, thanks to our experienced timeshare exit attorneys and results-driven strategies. Here's how it works:

Free Consultation: Contact XTimeshares to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. Our experts will assess your situation and discuss your options.

Engage Our Services: If you decide to move forward, our experienced attorneys will review your timeshare contract, identify possible exit strategies, and create a customized plan to cancel your timeshare.

Negotiations: Our legal professionals handle communications and negotiations with the resort or management company on your behalf, working towards a successful resolution.

Timeshare Exit:
Once an agreement is reached, your timeshare contract will be cancelled, freeing you from future obligations and financial burdens. With XTimeshares, you can trust our network of experienced timeshare attorneys to provide personalized support and expert guidance throughout the process, backed by our 100% money-back guarantee. Let us help you regain your financial freedom.

How can I do a vacation club cancellation?

If you're looking to cancel your vacation club membership, XTimeshares is the perfect partner to guide you through the process. Our experienced timeshare cancellation attorneys have successfully completed thousands of timeshare exits, including vacation club cancellations.With a solid reputation backed by 315+ Five-star BBB reviews, well over 100 Google 5-star reviews, and a 100% money-back guarantee, XTimeshares is the go-to timeshare cancellation company you can trust.

Our team will assess your specific situation, develop a tailored exit strategy, and handle negotiations with the vacation club on your behalf. Choose XTimeshares for expert guidance, personalized support, and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. Let us help you regain your financial freedom and achieve a successful vacation club cancellation.

What are the Mexican timeshare laws?

XTimeshares has successfully collaborated with numerous Mexican timeshare resorts to cancel their timeshare contracts for our clients, including Villa del Palmar Cancun, Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit, The Villa Group Resorts, Mayan Palace, Vidanta Resorts, Fiesta Americana Vacation Club, Club Regina, Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa, Royal Resorts, Club Solaris, Pueblo Bonito Resorts, Paradise Village Beach Resort & Spa, Bel Air Collection Resort & Spa, Club Intrawest, Hacienda Tres Rios, El Cid Vacations Club, Club Velas Vallarta, Sandos Resorts, Grand Bliss Nuevo Vallarta, and Dreams Resorts & Spas.

Please note that the cost associated with cancelling a timeshare contract can fluctuate based on various factors such as the specifics of your timeshare agreement, the complexity of your case, and the involved resort or managing company.

At XTimeshares, we acknowledge that each situation is distinctive, and we personalize our services to accommodate your needs. As a leading timeshare cancellation firm, we are committed to assisting our clients in identifying the optimal solution for their timeshare cancellation requirements.

How Much Does It Cost To Cancel a timeshare contract?

The price of terminating a timeshare contract may vary, influenced by factors like the specifics of your timeshare agreement, the intricacy of your case, and the associated resort or management company. As a premier timeshare cancellation firm, XTimeshares acknowledges that each case is distinctive, and we adapt our services to cater to your individual requirements.

For an accurate estimate of the cost associated with cancelling your timeshare contract, we suggest scheduling a complimentary, non-binding consultation with our seasoned timeshare exit attorneys. They will evaluate your situation, explore your options, and provide a transparent pricing framework tailored to your unique circumstances. Rely on XTimeshares to guide you throughout the process, offering expert aid and personalized support at competitive prices, assuring a successful timeshare contract termination.

Why Is It Hard To Cancel A Timeshare?

The difficulty in cancelling a timeshare stems from the intricacies of timeshare contracts, legal regulations, and the strategies employed by timeshare companies to dissuade cancellations. These contracts often carry protective clauses in favour of the resort or managing company, making it arduous for owners to exit without professional guidance.

XTimeshares, a reliable timeshare cancellation firm, possesses the necessary experience and knowledge to tackle these complexities. Our competent attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of timeshare laws and have formulated effective methods to overcome the hurdles set by timeshare companies. When you choose XTimeshares, you'll gain access to personalized assistance and expert guidance throughout your cancellation journey. Trust our team to aid you in surmounting the obstacles and achieve a successful timeshare cancellation, restoring your financial liberty.

How Do I Write A Cancellation Letter?

Creating a cancellation letter for your timeshare can be an important part of the exit journey. At XTimeshares, we recognize the significance of compiling a potent cancellation letter and are poised to assist you in this task. Our seasoned timeshare cancellation attorneys will steer you through this process, confirming that your letter encompasses all the essential information such as your name, contact data, details of your timeshare, and an unequivocal cancellation request.

By opting for XTimeshares, you'll gain access to tailored assistance and expert help in formulating a comprehensive cancellation letter specific to your circumstances. Have faith in our team to guide you through this crucial step, ensuring a robust foundation for your timeshare exit journey, and amplifying your chances of a successful contract termination.

Can I Cancel A Timeshare With A Mortgage?

Absolutely, XTimeshares is proficient in facilitating timeshare cancellations even when a mortgage balance is present. Our highly skilled timeshare exit lawyers have successfully managed numerous instances involving mortgage cancellations and can offer expert direction tailored to your unique case.

In our complimentary consultation, we'll evaluate your specific circumstances, explore your available options, and craft a personalized strategy to address your timeshare mortgage dilemmas and aim towards a successful termination. Remember, we provide a 100% money-back guarantee. If we are unable to accomplish your timeshare cancellation, you will not be charged.

What US Timeshare Companies Have You Had Success Exiting?

XTimeshares has successfully guided many clients through the exit process from a variety of major U.S. timeshare companies. These include but are not limited to Marriott Vacation Club, Hilton Grand Vacations, Disney Vacation Club, Wyndham Destinations, Diamond Resorts International, Bluegreen Corporation, Holiday Inn Club Vacations, Hyatt Residence Club, and Vistana Signature Experiences (formerly Starwood Vacation Ownership).

Additionally, we have assisted clients with exits from Shell Vacation Club, Anantara Vacation Club, El Cid Vacation Club, Vida Vacations, Royal Resorts, Raintree Vacation Club, Royal Aloha Vacation Club, Vacation Internationale, Multi Resort Ownership Plan, Landex Resorts International, Inc., and Global Exchange Vacation Club. Trust XTimeshares for expert guidance and personalized support throughout your timeshare exit process, no matter the timeshare company involved.